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What Is Purse Power?

Purse Power – We have it. Let’s use it. Purse Power is THE source to find and buy from women-owned and women-run companies. Purse Power is a web/mobile platform where women can use their trillions of dollars of purchasing power to buy goods and services from women entrepreneurs and companies that improve opportunities for women and girls. Join the Purse Power movement!

Purse Power donates 20% of its profits to domestic violence prevention and shelters for battered women and children.

Companies can make the list if:

  • They are owned at least 50% by a woman (we love equality) or,
  • they are run by a woman CEO or,
  • they have 20% or more women on their boards of directors.

We want to help women reward companies that treat women fairly and inclusively with increased revenues, greater brand loyalty, favorable public opinion, higher employee satisfaction, game-changing innovation and superior talent acquisition.

Corporate America cares about one thing — revenue. Women control the purse strings in the United States. If we act collectively and buy products and services from companies that support women and girls, glass ceilings will shatter and lives will change.

These companies have 20% or more women on their boards of directors and women CEOs. Click on a company to learn more or shop now.

The List

Use this list of companies to help you make purchasing decisions. Check back for new companies.

Resources: Catalyst. Women CEOs of the S&P 500. New York: Catalyst, January 19, 2017. 2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index of Fortune 1000 Companies (2016)

COMPANY – Fortune 1000 companies with at least 20% women on their boards of directors.

WOB% – The percentage of women on the company’s board.

WCEO – Which S&P 500 companies listed have women CEOs.

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The Purse Power Story

Donna Miller, Dr. Phyllis Pennington and Dr. Karen Nern

The Babcocks expected their daughters to achieve professionally and make important contributions to the world. Karen and Phyllis became doctors. Donna became a senior corporate leader and a professional certified executive coach.

It didn’t take Donna long to become concerned about the absence of women at the top of the corporate ladder. She came up with an idea. What if women used their trillions of dollars of purchasing power to buy products and services from companies that actively advance opportunities for women? And what if whatever mechanism she came up with to support women and girls also helped reduce domestic violence?

She shared her idea with her sisters and Purse Power was born.

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Why Do We Need A Movement?

Divide the task, share the success

Inequity In The Workplace

Although women are 45% of the S&P 500 workforce, only 5% of those companies have women CEOs, 19% have women on their boards of directors, 25% have women in senior leadership positions.

Companies with 30% female leadership had profit margins that are up to 6% higher than companies that don’t.

Companies with more women board members and senior executives are better companies to work for, produce better products and services, and give back more to their communities.

Data shows an increase of women in top management from 0 to 30% increases profitability by 15%.

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above the national industry median.

Fortune 500 companies with at least three female directors have a 42% higher return on sales and a 53% higher return on equity.

Companies with the highest percentage of women on their boards have a 66% greater return on invested capital.

More women on boards is associated with having more women in leadership, otherwise known as the “pipeline effect.”

Sources: Peterson Institute, EY, McKinsey & Company, Catalyst, 2020 Women on Boards
Women At Risk

1 in 4 Women Face Violence At Home

20% }

Purse Power donates at least 20 percent of its profits to domestic violence prevention programs and shelters for battered women and their children.

The annual cost of lost productivity due to domestic violence is estimated as $727.8 million, with more than 7.9 million paid workdays lost each year.

The cost of intimate partner violence annually exceeds $5.8 billion, including $4.1 billion in direct health care expenses.

There are more than 32 million victims of domestic violence annually.

About one-third of the women who are murdered each year are killed by their husbands.

33% of all police time is spent responding to domestic disturbance calls.

Only 2% of domestic violence homicide victims used domestic violence advocacy services.

Twelve independent studies report that 18 to 48% of battered women have delayed their decision to leave their batterer, or have returned to their batterer, out of fear for the welfare of their pets or livestock.

Upwards of 10 million children are exposed to domestic violence in their homes each year in the U.S.

Between 30 and 60% of children in homes with domestic violence are directly abused.

In 70% of the cases in which an abused child dies, there has been a pattern of abuse against the mother.

Children who are exposed to domestic violence are less likely to succeed in school than children who are not exposed.

Up to 60% of men who abuse women also abuse children.

Male children who witness the abuse of their mothers by fathers are 50% more likely to become men who batter in adulthood.

Youth who witness domestic violence are at increased risk for suicide and substance abuse.

For more information and assistance, download the fact sheet from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Source: Oklahoma YWCA


Founding Advisors

Many thanks to the Babcock sisters and the people who recognized immediately that Purse Power was an idea whose time had come.

Aldonna Ambler, President, Ambler Growth Strategy Consultants and National Association of Corporate Directors Board Leadership Fellow

Susan Bickert, Vice-President, Family Care Product Supply NA, Kimberly Clark Corporation

Martha A. Burger, Co-Founder, Amethyst Investments LLC

Susan Chaires, Attorney, Chaires & Associates

Catherine Corley, SVP Operations, Catalyst

Jacque Fiegel, Chairman, Central Oklahoma Market, Prosperity Bank; Board Member, Jack Henry & Associates

Dr. Marsha Firestone, Founder and President, Women Presidents’ Organization

Malli Gero, Co-Founder and President, 2020 Women On Boards

Jennifer Grigsby, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Ascent Resources

Linda Haneborg, Owner, Linda Haneborg Associates and Oklahoma Commissioner on the Status of Women

Jean Kelley, Principal, Jean Kelley Leadership Consulting

Lou Kerr, President and Chair, The Kerr Foundation; Founder and Chair, The Oklahoma International Women’s Forum

Jenny Love Meyer, VP of Communications, Love’s Travel Stops

Donna Babcock Miller, Purse Power Founder; President, Executive Resource Center

Dr. Terry Neese, CEO, Institute For The Economic Empowerment Of Women

Karen Babcock Nern, MD, Physician and Owner, Vail Dermatology and Aspen Dermatology

Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder, BlogHer; Conference Program Chair, SheKnows Media

Jan Peery, CEO, YWCA Oklahoma City

Phyllis Babcock Pennington, MD, Physician, Family Medicine

Sarah Mason Sears, President, S Design

May Snowden, President and CEO, Snowden and Associates

Nancy Solomon, President, Nancy Solomon & Associates Inc.


The support for Purse Power keeps growing. Here’s a partial list.

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